🌤️ Kindness and Calm

💮 Go With Life 💮

Today I ask myself: Why force anything?  Why want anything?

Why not go with life instead, enjoying every moment, savoring every morsel that it has so graciously offered me?  I say “offered” and not “given,” because in order to enjoy, you have to empty your arms of all your old pain and reach, reach, reach for the offering and grab it.

You have to be willing to receive the offering.

And I’ve learned that you can barely receive anything if you’re hanging on to old baggage.   You know the one: the old griefcase that we carry around everywhere we go.  The one full of words like “they did” and “I blame” and “not my fault.”

Maybe they did.  Maybe the blame is rightfully placed.  Maybe it wasn’t my fault.

But why carry it?  Where am I taking it?  Into my future with me?

When I force life to look a certain way, I miss the way it looks now.  I miss the goodness of it.  I miss the uniqueness of my situation and the joy I can get from it.  When I want, want, want it to be different, I miss what it is now.

In the wise words of an old Aerosmith song, I don’t wanna miss a thing 😏

So why force anything?  Why want anything?

I’m just going to go with life.

Take care,

Yari 🎄

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