🌤️ Kindness and Calm

🙏 Download Your Mindfulness ðŸ™

Mindfulness is the act of staying in the present, not the past, not the future.  But there is a third state that we get stuck on.  Yes, other than past or future.  And that is the cyber.

Electronic, high-tech, world wide web, social media, viral… call it what you will, but this is yet another state that we tend to get stuck on besides reliving the past in our minds, or projecting ourselves into the future by worrying.

You’re smirking, aren’t you?  Well, let me tell you what I mean, see if you can relate.

Do you ever arrange everything you just bought to take a picture of it for Instagram?  When something cute happens in your house, do you tell your family to freeze as you frantically open the camera on your phone?

Do you stew for hours after that argument on Facebook has ended?  Does the audacity of some of the people on Twitter trending get your blood boiling?

Can you believe that [person] from [political party] said [this]???

Yeah, well, we’re not in the present moment in any of those situations.  Our mind is off somewhere, thinking of uploading that photo, itching to know how many Likes and Shares the last photo we uploaded got, or feeling outrage at whatever awful headline or Twitter trending we read an hour ago.

Having an online presence is not necessarily bad.  Hello?  Here I am!  But I did notice that, at some point, the online world seeped into my mind like an earwig and made a nest inside my brain.

Mmm, lovely picture.

I knew it was time to download my mindfulness from online, get it out of there, and put it right back where it belongs~ here with me.

In a state of mad violent happiness, I slashed my time online and what I do in this cyber world.

Getting rid of all unnecessary internet noise.

And you may not like this, but I’m just sharing what I did.

No more Facebook.  Anyone that matters has my phone number and an invitation to call or text anytime.  No more Twitter.  I realized that if my tweets were added together, my word count could write a trilogy, and as a new author, that deeply disturbed me.

I check Reddit (without an account) and Instagram only on specific hours, for only an hour.  I seek positive content to watch on YouTube.  Again, on a tight schedule.

And one that I see women fall into the most– I stopped social media hustling.  You know, trying to hoard Likes and Followers like it’s going to be one long cold winter.  I snapped out of it! ðŸ‘

I used to feel a hum drum, glassy-eyed sort of drowsiness after being online.  Not anymore.

So, I suppose my advice is: if mindfulness “isn’t working” for you after you’ve freed yourself of your past and of worrying about the future, check a third aspect— your online engagement (or, perhaps, obsession).

Take care,

Yari ðŸ¼

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