🌀️ Kindness and Calm

🌱 Slowing Down, Eating Slowly πŸŒΏ

I am a seedling πŸŒ± I have no need to rush.  Growing, I grow slow.

When I read a book, I take in each word, each moment, each scene.  When I practice guitar, I slow down ~ do one chord, one pluck at a time.  Over and over, and soon… I’ve got it.

Slowing down gives me more time, more life.  I do things thoroughly, fully, and thus ~ joyfully.

Being in a rush never gave me more of anything.  I cannot think back on any memories in my life, saying “oh, that time, when I rushed… I remember it all.”  There aren’t such moments.

And I’ve even slowed down eating, to great surprise and pleasure.

Eating slowly has brought immense flavor into my life.

I chew unhurriedly, savoring sauces, textures, and spices.  Sweet, salty, creamy, crunchy πŸœ Warm, chilled, or with a Cajun kick.  Sour is fun– how long can you go?  Spicy is daring– how much can you take?

Eating has taken a whole new meaning since slowing down.  Food has gathered several new dimensions.  I no longer eat to survive, to stuff, to scarf.

Food has become an experience ~ intimate, varied, delightful, and satisfying.

What was once just another part of life has become a practice to look forward to.  And even on my most challenging days, I have this.  I can taste fully, quietly, privately… Or share a plate with a friend.

I’ve learned to slow down.  I’ve learned to savor fully.

Yari πŸ›

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