💡 Self Care

🛀 Take Time for Yourself 📓

The paradox truly is this– if you slow down and take a break, you can achieve your goals with more energy, motivation, and success.

Work, work, work… or providing, providing, providing only serves to drain the mind, the body, the spirit.

Taking time for yourself is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

We are not machines made to run at 100% all the time.  We need a recharge.  It could be a movie, a hobby we enjoy, meditation, a lovely quiet bath, or journaling.  I do all of those (not at once, of course 😉)

Taking time for yourself can be as brief as a few minutes daily (my favorite!), a few hours each week, or a full day once a week.

Whatever works best with your schedule.  With a little planning (and dropping of unhealthy activities) you can carve the YOU time that you need.

I have my own favorites…

A long bath once a week does wonders.

I love the ritual of a bath once a week.  Showers are so hurried, which works great during the week.  But on Sunday night, a warm, bubbly bath is the perfect way to wrap up the week and go into the next.

After a wonderful bath, I feel brand new, and ready to tackle a brand new week.

I also love to journal.

Journaling is a great way to think on paper, vent, plan, and create memories.

Some people do art journaling, others do scrapbooking.  Whatever method you choose, make sure it is relaxing and comfortable for you.  I do scrapbook sometimes, with low-lights, nice Sarah Brightman music, and some scented candles.

If you need to re-energize your heart and mind, consider taking some time for yourself.

Not just once on vacation, but every week or every day.

Yari 🛌

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