💡 Self Care

🍰 The Relaxing Art of Baking 🎂

Measuring, mixing, and making cake 🎂 Such a relaxing experience (and you get a prize at the end 😉).

I started baking not too long ago.  I began with cheap boxes of cake mix.  I looked up simple cobbler and muffin recipes online.  Soon, I purchased an inexpensive baking set and began to experiment more.

Baking is a practice that requires mindfulness and attention.  You can have soothing music in the background, or do it in calm silence.

Of course, you can invite your children to join, if you have children.  But then it will become more of a fun practice than a relaxing one, which is beautiful, too.  You will make wonderful memories, that’s for sure 👪💖

Baking is cheap, easy to learn, and the results are delicious treats.

I have tried different icings (I don’t love them), and sprinkles (nope).  I’ve tried adding fruit (yes!), and found that my favorite is blueberries.  I love blueberry muffins that are low sugar.  You can eat them with breakfast, or as an after-dinner snack.

Baking uses the hands.  It is filled with textures, scents, and flavors.

Baking allows me to pause on a busy day and do something nice, both for myself and for my family.  It takes me far away from technology and the humdrum of whatever is going on online.  It brings me down to earth, down to my senses, and fills me with joy.

Yari 🥚

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