🙏 Christian Life

📷 A Bit of my Life in Photos ðŸ“¸

My days are calm.  I worked hard, and still do, to ensure that I am ever present in my day to day life.  Numbing-out is no longer an option.  It simply does not work.  Zoning out in front of the TV or computer only serves to drain my time.

Presence, awareness, mindfulness… these have brought me back to life.  They multiply time.  They fill my days with joy and wonder.

My little dog, Tyson

I don’t know when it started.  I suppose when I noticed the way I felt after a good chunk of time scrolling social media.  I felt upset, drained… dead.  Something about it was just not normal, not right.

I’m not afraid to do 180’s in life.  Sometimes you have to completely change course.


Disconnecting was uncomfortable, at first.  Suddenly I had to do something with my hands, suddenly I had to do something with my time.  But it was also liberating.  I didn’t sit around for too long.  I started writing.

Suddenly, I felt the stress and anxiety fall away.  Joy came in, in its place.

I do it for the joy it brings…

And once I let go of the thousands of followers online, deleted everything, all but disappeared, I realized something funny.  None of it mattered much.  None of it added to my life in any significant way.

Only becoming fully present added quality and value to my life

I suppose the mental health effects of social media should be obvious, by now.  Yet, I still see too many people struggling, riding some emotional wave of up and downs based on numbers, trying so hard to create free “content.”

Just being content with your real life is enough.

A bit of rose quartz

I’m enjoying this new trend I’ve dove into, of little to no social media.  It has ended all the background noise.  It has brought me peace.

Yari ðŸ•Šï¸

Comfy pajamas help too 😉

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