🌤️ Kindness and Calm

😝 Chill for a Minute ðŸ˜›

I worked at Barnes & Noble a few years ago.  A woman came up to the register, exasperated, asking if we had another of the knitting book she was holding in her hand.

“This one is supposed to come with a CD!” she shook the book.  “This one’s missing the CD!”

She showed me the last page of the book, and sure enough, no CD.  I told her I could check the computer to see if we had another copy, and if we did, the girl at customer service could find it and bring it to her.

“I don’t have time for that!” she slammed the book down and left.

I set the book aside.  If it didn’t have the CD, it would have to go to the damaged basket.

I forgot all about it and kept working.  Towards the end of my shift, when the store was quiet, I was gathering returns, no-pick-ups, and damaged books.  I saw the knitting book and thought it was pretty.  I flipped through it briefly and something caught my eye.

Not on the last page, but on the next to the last page was tucked in… you guessed it.  A CD.

Had she chilled for a moment, I would have flipped through the book, as I did all damaged books, and she would have gotten everything she wanted that day.  A quick check-out, a knitting book…

…and her CD.

Yari ðŸ¤·

2 thoughts on “😝 Chill for a Minute ðŸ˜›

    1. Yes! Working in retail, I saw some very ugly attitudes. But I also noticed that most people were kind and wonderful 🙂 There’s just a few people that I guess have a bad day and sort of flip out. That’s retail. LoL

      Take care my friend,


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