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How to Count Blessings in Hard Times

You don’t need years of university or college, but you do need practice. You don’t need textbooks or student loans or a professor… but you do need the Bible, personal willingness, and Jesus 🌱

It is possible to take things for granted without meaning to.

In this society, we are sold stuff by being taught that we don’t have enough, so it’s really not your fault. If we were content with what we have, lots of companies would go out of business.

However, if we want to live a happy life, we can’t shrug off responsibility. We have to learn to count blessings.

Counting blessings is simple when we’re doing well– when we have the bills paid, the kids fed and they’re acting like angels… when the husband brings us flowers and the weather is just right ☀ī¸

It gets a little tricky when we’re not doing so well– when the bills pile up, the kids are struggling in school… when the husband acts aloof and the winter cold is still clinging deep into the bones ⛈ī¸

When life is tough, we must become archaeologists of blessings.

We have to dig deep. We have to search the Bible, search our hearts, open our eyes. We may even have to dust off a few dirty items to appreciate them.

Archaeologists excavate to find historical treasure. They break through rock, the dig through mud… they painstakingly find little treasured bits and carefully dust them off. Some pieces are broken, but still extremely valuable.

Like an archaeological find, your blessings may be caked in mud, broken… yet still valuable.

Archaeologists sometimes dig out many broken pieces that look like garbage, only to then clean them and put them together to reveal the most beautiful of treasures.

What small blessings in your life look like insignificant garbage? Can you see them, care for them, piece them together to reveal the great love that the Lord has for you?

The more you learn to look, the more you will find.

Begin with the big, obvious blessings. Pull them out of the mud, care for them, go back and look for more. And you will find more. And more, and more!

Take care and God bless,

Yari đŸē

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