🌤️ Kindness and Calm

⛈️ Make the Better Choice ☀️

Today, the morning is cloudy ☁️ Though it is mid-April, winter clings to nature with its frigid chill. The tree in my backyard, determined against the cold, has already budded flowers and a bit of green, tiny leaves.

That tree is determined to bloom, despite outside circumstances.

And as I begin my day with a hot cup of coffee, I have a choice to make. I can idle online, taking in the problems of the world (of which there are many). I can answer back negative comments and watch those inflammatory videos YouTube loves to offer.

Or, I can choose the kindness and calm of following God.

And before you close this blog,
rolling your eyes, saying,
“it’s too early for me to read the Bible,”

let me tell you that following God
can take many forms.

For me, it takes the form of ignoring all electronic noise and writing.

I currently have a novel in progress, and also a shorter novella (which I’m having so much fun writing!). When I write, I know I am honoring God. It’s my gift. I’m not good at speaking, and definitely not good at singing. I’m no good at making videos or newsletters. But, writing? That I can do.

But I can’t do both: I cannot focus on glorifying God AND on whatever the world is trying to throw my way.

I have to make a choice.

The noise of the world
is like the stubborn winter
who just doesn’t want to leave.

My life, the budding flowers.

Ask yourself: What does the stubborn winter look like for me?

For some, it is scrolling through Facebook. For others, it is attempting to do apologetics to strangers online via forums (which never works). Your winter could be worries, gossip, binge-watching TV, or anything else that grabs your attention with a vice, but doesn’t make you fruitful.

Then ask yourself: What makes my flowers bloom?

These are your gifts. It is what you know in your heart of hearts glorifies the Lord. It is what uplifts you, what fulfills you, what makes you feel alive and well.

You have a choice. You always have a choice. Make the better choice.

Take care and God bless,

Yari 🌻

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