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3 Reasons I Sought the New Age as a Teen

Pull up a chair. Let’s get comfy and talk about something uncomfy ☕ I’m going to give you some insider secrets today. I was in the new age for about 14 years, so I’d like to give you a behind-the-scenes look.

Today I want to share with you why I sought the new age from a young age. You might have a child of your own, and you might be worried that they’re beginning to seek a faith other than Christianity. Before you freak out and threaten to send them to Bible camp permanently, read on.

Myths about seeking the new age:

Let’s begin by getting some things out of the way. There’s a misconception that your teen is going to listen to Megadeth and suddenly want to worship the devil, do drugs, and become promiscuous.

And while maybe your teen wants to do that, these reasons are stereotypes and not usually realistic.

The reality is that those seeking the new age are really seeking a new, better life. Something is missing, and they want to fill that spot. The most common reason anyone seeks the new age is that there is a need that hasn’t been met.

Here are the 3 major needs that weren’t met for me as a teen… so I looked to the new age.

#1 The need to be respected as a woman

The biggest reason I sought the new age was this ~ my childhood environment was very dysfunctional about sex. Sex was dirty, shameful, ugly, and naughty! Nevermind that God literally created sex… it was evil!

But when you approach sex (natural) and puberty (very natural) as something to be ashamed of, you leave your daughter feeling trapped in a sinful body. She may cut, she may binge-and-purge, she may starve herself. It’s all very damaging.

The new age treats the female body as natural and beautiful… and sacred.

Unpopular opinion: Christians could learn a thing or two from the new age about treating the female body with respect.

I sought the new age because it accepted these bodily functions (arousal, menstruation, sex, procreation) as natural instead of trashy. As beautiful instead of shameful. As glorious instead of worthless.

Like it or not, your sweet young daughter will one day become a woman with desires, the need for healthy sex in marriage, with many messy periods in between. Why not guide her through all this in a straightforward, non-shameful, Christian way?

If you don’t respect your daughter’s womanhood, the new age certainly will.

#2 The need for control

Everyone likes to feel as though they are in control of their lives, and that includes teens. While you need not give them access to the world when they aren’t ready, you can certainly trust them to make some of their own choices.

Choices are vital to a good quality of life. For instance, seniors in assisted-living facilities often prefer to choose their own meals. Something so simple and (seemingly) small actually keeps them happier!

The new age is all about controlling your own life.

Thing is, someone who is suffocating under the weight of parents who make ALL the choices may see the new age as a very attractive escape. I know I did.

The new age offers spells (witchcraft) and the law of attraction (obsessive focus on what you want). It teaches that you can have anything you set your mind on having ~ period.

If you suffocate your teen by making all their choices, the new age promises them a way out.

#3 The need for strong moral values

Teens? Worried about morals and values? Pfft! Get serious!

But I’m dead-serious. As a 13-year-old I was already reading books on philosophy and eastern thought to try to find my own set of values and morals in life. Why? Because I had no good example at home.

The new age has set values and morals to live by.

“Do as ye will, as long as it harm none” is the new age rede. Not bad, eh? The truth is, most new agers are really good people, living lives that bother no one and hurt no one. The only thing missing is Christ. It can look ideal to a teen seeking good values.

So if you’ve got a teen who is hungry for a good direction in life, be a good Christian example. Erase the phrase “do as I say, not as I do” from your vocabulary. That doesn’t work.

As a teen, I looked at the adults around me and saw nothing but drunkenness and brokenness. Not a good look.

If that was a Christian, I didn’t want to be one!

It’s unfortunate that I didn’t have better Christian role models growing up. I craved a moral, wise figure in my life. Be that figure.

So, if you’re not an example of a good Christian, there’s plenty of examples of good new agers.

Those are my 3 main reasons: the need for respect as a woman, the need to have some control of my life, and the need for a good role model.

I didn’t want to listen to heavy metal, line my eyes with black kohl, or worship the devil. I just wanted a better life. I didn’t know I could have that better life through Christ, but thank God I know now!

I hope this blog helps you on your life’s journey. God bless,

Yari 👧

Study referenced about seniors and food/meals https://www.hindawi.com/journals/jar/2012/761291/

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