🌤️ Kindness and Calm

❄️Late April Snow Blessings❄️

Good morning! ☕❄️ Only two days ago I was in my green backyard, enjoying the clear blue sky, the sunshine on my legs, and the budding green leaves on all the trees.

And today… snow! LoL I’ve been living in Colorado only about a year or so, and this is brand-new to me. I thought it was beautiful, so I wanted to share it with you 😊

Late April Snow Blessings

As I made my way down the stairs, sleepy-eyed and ready for coffee, I see this! A thick white layer of snow on the tree outside my home. In late April!

And this is the view from my upstairs bedroom/office. I love that this tree stands right outside my window, because I can see its changes all throughout the year.

And here’s my favorite photo! You can see that underneath the powdery white snow, there are many little green budding leaves. Oh, it was spring only two days ago!

(Oh, and don’t worry. That’s not a dog house that we use. It belonged to the previous tenants and we saw no reason to throw it away. Tyson, my dog, is 100% an indoors under-the-blankets toys-stashed-in-his-own-room kind of dog 😂)

Isn’t it beautiful? God’s blessings do take my breath away…

Take care and may the Lord bless your week,

Yari 🌨️

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