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✍️ A Super Simple Way to Journal: FAST ⌛

Have you ever heard of “morning pages”? It’s this practice many writers do to get prepped and ready for a day of tapping away at the keyboard 😊 You simply sit down in the morning and write three non-stop pages ~ just whatever comes to mind. It’s like opening the tap and letting the gunk out so that your writing won’t be marred by worries or stray thoughts.

And I used to love doing this, but then I noticed something. I used to write these and ended up venting about the same 3-5 things, over and over again. LoL!

Turns out, writing down annoyances didn’t empty out some metaphoric grievance tank, but rather, it made me much better at complaining. No bueno! So I’ve shifted to a new way of journaling– one that is focused on positivity, and best of all, it’s fast! It only takes about 5-10 minutes to do.

This new method of journaling is all about shifting from “letting out” to “letting in”! I’m no longer pouring out my annoyance onto the pages, but rather looking up, looking to the Lord, and becoming filled with His presence and love 💮

Here is a simple template for your pages:


Daily Gratitude:

Goals Today:


Bible Verse and/or Notes:

Jot down the Date for permanence (because you might want to look back at this pages for reference and even nostalgia 💕). Then begin with Daily Gratitude. This shifts your mindset from complaining to praising! Instead of draining you, it fills you.

Then, writing down your Goals Today is a great way to set your mind, and keep it set. It gives you a clear path of focus. The more concrete and clear your goals, the better.

Let’s not forget Prayer. Here is where you speak to God, become vulnerable, tell Him what’s in your heart. If setting time aside for journaling and prayer has always been difficult for you, this makes sure that you do both, at the same time! How cool is that?? 😄

Last, finish with a Bible Verse and/or Notes. This is great for memorizing scripture. You can choose a verse from your Bible, get an app that gives you a daily verse, or simple Google one online.

By writing down scripture you are ensuring a day that is influenced by the Word of God, not the opinions of the world. And, of course, write down any notes, anything that doesn’t fit into the other categories.

Simple, right? I’ve been doing this practice for some time now, and it has shifted my mindset from negative to positive! The start of my day is so much better now due to this little change. And because it’s so simple, it doesn’t take me very long.

Now I journal, pray, and read a Bible verse, each and every day.

Take care my good friend. God bless,

Yari ✍️

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