🌀️ Kindness and Calm

🐾 Being More Like my Dog, Tyson πŸΎ

It dawned on me that I could learn a whole lot from this little dog, who weighs less than 20 pounds but always fills up my heart πŸ™‚ ❀️

Tyson wakes up wagging his tail

I wake up every morning to the sound of his ears flapping as he shakes off sleepiness. I open my eyes, and sure enough, there he is, wagging his tail happily, ready for another day.

And we can all embrace this positive attitude. After I pet Tyson and keep him from licking my face too much, I say a quick prayer of thanks. Thank you, Lord, for keeping us safe at night. Thank you for giving us a brand-new day. Thank you for the warm blankets, the soft bed, and all our blessings.

It’s simple πŸ™‚ Give thanks for the first thing that comes to mind, even if it seems small. Raise your eyes to heaven and ask the Lord to guide you the rest of the day. Remain optimistic, expect good things to happen that day!

He’s always ready to play, no matter what

Tyson’s optimism doesn’t end after the morning, though. All throughout the day, he’s ready for play. It doesn’t matter if he’s sound asleep, if you squeak his toy, he jumps up, dives in, and is ready for tug o’ war!

And why shouldn’t we live this way, ready to enjoy our lives at any time? Set the phone aside and remain present with the people around you. Be ready for jokes, stories, and priceless moments.

Don’t be afraid to kick your feet up, or smell a flower, or dance a little jig of excitement. Don’t be afraid to try a new board game, or give yourself a work break, or play with the bubbles in the bath. Play! It’s your life! Enjoy! ❀️

He’s excited to be near you, always

Tyson is happy to be near you, always. It actually doesn’t matter if you’re entertaining him, doing your own thing, working, or reading. He just likes to spend time with you.

Do you spend time with people, just to do it? Or do they need to give you something: entertainment, a conversation, some gossip? Like Tyson, it is so wonderful to learn just to be with people, fully present, and enjoy their company.

BuT WhAt AbOuT oN fAcEbOoK? No, online interactions pale in comparison. Real life is full, multifaceted, and REAL. People don’t thrive on your Likes or Shares. Relationships are built and strengthened through real life πŸ™‚

Those are just 3 simple steps to being more like my dog, Tyson 🐢

Your righteousness is
like the mighty mountains,
your justice like
the ocean depths.
You care for
people and animals alike,
O Lord.

Psalm 36:6 NLT

Take care and God bless,

Yari 🌸

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