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📖 3 Easy Bible Study Tips for the Easily Distracted 🦋

Hello, sister! ❤️ Has this ever happened to you: You sit down for a good hour of Bible study, and when you get up you realize you’ve decorated the page… but haven’t actually read much of it?

Oof! It’s so easy to get distracted, isn’t it? 😆

Well, I’ve found 3 easy ways to avoid this type of distraction. I wanted to share them with you today! Here are some tips that I hope will help keep you focused 🙂

3 Easy Bible Study Tips
for the Easily Distracted

1. Get yourself a cheaper Bible.

Not kidding. Buy yourself a cheaper Bible. One that, if you lost it, it wouldn’t break your heart. Buy one that you’re not planning on decorating with stickers and watercolors and other time-consuming and non-Bible-study habits 😉

Because it can be easy to focus more on what the Bible looks like than on what’s actually written in it, isn’t it?

But when you get a cheaper Bible, you focus less on keeping it nice, and that frees your mind to actually dive into study.

2. Use ONE color to highlight.

Choose one color, and stick to it. I know I certainly get in trouble when there’s more than one color in front of me. That just gets me itching to doodle and mix colors and get artsy! And also…

A colored pencil (such as yellow) makes nice bright underlines without bleeding to the other side of the page.

I felt like I discovered a life-hack when I realized I could use a colored pencil without ruining the other side of the page 😂 It just works so well!

3. Slow down. Don’t rush to grab your phone.

And last but not least, slow down. Don’t rush yourself. If you get through one line in an hour, that’s great! It’s about quality, not quantity.

What you get from your Bible study is much more important than how far you get.

Allow yourself to absorb what you’re reading. Don’t pick up the phone the second there’s a pause in your reading. Instead, sit with God. Pray 🙂 Use that quiet time to not just speak to God, but to listen.

I hope these tips make it a tad easier to study your Bible without getting too distracted!

Take care and God bless,

Yari 🌸

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