🌤️ Kindness and Calm

🍬 Halloween 🍭

No, this isn’t one of those “should you, should you not” posts. I was just thinking how bittersweet Halloween is to me.

I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for some time now, and I like to give out candy. It is so incredibly cute watching all the little kids come up to my door! 😄 Some are so tiny, dressed up as their favorite princess or superhero. It’s adorable!

Some of the kids are really shy, and they don’t even say “trick or treat!” They sort of just stand there and wait timidly, holding out their bags.

Some of them are very outgoing, giggling, yelling out “trick or treat!” and then “THANK YOU!” They run up the steps, then run back to the sidewalk to keep on going!

There’s also older kids that come. You know, the teens who feel that they’re way too old to trick or treat, but do it anyway 😝 They always have this air of awkward maturity, but I can always tell they’re having so much fun 😁

All that is sweet, so I guess here comes the bittersweet part.

Most of the kids show up with their parents. Some parents come up to the driveway, others stay on the sidewalk, letting their brave little ones come up to the door alone. It’s so nice to see parents involved, happy to be there with the kids. Or maybe not too happy, but still there! LoL It can get cold in Colorado.

I did everything on my own as a child, since the 1st grade, so I get this pang of both hurt and happiness when I see the parents. Hurt for my past, happiness for the family outside. Although, the hurt doesn’t last long. I just know that when I’m a parent, I’ll be right there on the sidewalk 🙂

Anyway, whatever you do on Halloween, I hope you are blessed and that you have a good night.

Take care and God bless,

Yari 🌸

2 thoughts on “🍬 Halloween 🍭

  1. This year for Halloween, we didn’t have any kids show up in front of our door. In the past, some did. But given with the way things are in NYC these days, some parents (including myself) are reluctant to take their children trick or treating for security reasons. Most of the time, the parents would go to the actual stores by my area to ask the owners for some candy.

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    1. Oh, that’s a shame :-/ But gotta keep the kids safe ❤️

      Nearby the churches here do trunk or treat, with kids “trick or treating” in the parking lot from car to car. It’s cute 🙂

      We didn’t get many because here in Colorado it’s already snowy and frozen 😁

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