A Firefighter Hero for Her

~ Clean Southern Romance/Cozy Mystery ~

After a crushing breakup, Bonnie Hart is trying to get her life back on track. At age twenty-eight she is working at the local cafe and saving money for culinary school.

Her life takes an unexpected turn when a series of arsons burn up the small town of Ponybridge, Louisiana, threatening to smoke out all the secrets hidden deep within it. Secrets that Bonnie Hart would rather forget.

When the handsome and kind fire investigator, Brandon Wells, arrives in town, he sweeps Bonnie off her feet. Sparks fly, but Brandon isn’t ready for commitment of any kind. He is determined to figure out who the arsonist is and close the case– before somebody gets hurt.

Or worse, before somebody gets killed.

Hearts and lives are on the line in this clean Southern romance.

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Fruits and Gold

~ Dystopian YA Romance ~

The world is divided in two– the wealthy few called the Opulents, and the poor majority, called the Lowborns.

The Opulents run the world, and the Lowborns are there to serve them.

Katia Creek is a Lowborn who loves to read, so when a young man shows interest in her book, she’s happy to meet him. They share an intimate conversation. Sparks fly, but soon life gets complicated for both Katia and this young man… because he is an Opulent.

He is Vincent Verona, the Opulent she has been hired to work for.

Their attraction grows… and so does the societal divide and distrust between them. They are pulled apart and drawn together at the same time. Their love brings them together, but their social status crushes any hope of them being together.

Seth Holloway, Katia’s childhood friend and protector, completely distrusts Vincent and wants to see them apart. He will not let Vincent ruin Katia’s life…

Their love is risky, uncertain, and forbidden. Katia Creek and Vincent Verona must risk it all to be together… or remain safe and apart forever.

Kindle Unlimited & Paperback

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