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πŸŽ‡ Pleasure vs Happiness πŸŒ³

I'm currently reading a nonfiction book that has posed this question for me: What is the difference between pleasure and happiness? The book does a marvelous job of explaining the two. Here is my short version for you πŸ˜‰ Pleasure is quick. It is transient. It is easy to get and even easier to lose.… Continue reading πŸŽ‡ Pleasure vs Happiness πŸŒ³

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🐦 Step Off the Twitter ‘Coaster πŸ¦

The rickety Twitter roller coaster will strap you in haphazardly and shoot you into the sky. There are twists and turns and gut-wrenching danger. And after the hair-tangling fast-ride... you end up right back where you started. Meanwhile, your Bible sits untouched. Meanwhile, your dreams are still just that-- dreams. Meanwhile, you didn't raise your… Continue reading 🐦 Step Off the Twitter ‘Coaster πŸ¦

😊 Happiness · πŸ™ Christian Life

πŸ’”How to Count Blessings in Hard Times❀️

You don't need years of university or college, but you do need practice. You don't need textbooks or student loans or a professor... but you do need the Bible, personal willingness, and Jesus 🌱 It is possible to take things for granted without meaning to. In this society, we are sold stuff by being taught… Continue reading πŸ’”How to Count Blessings in Hard Times❀️

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πŸ˜‚ We Need Laughter πŸ€£

I love to read, and over the years I have read countless non-fiction, self-help books. They have been immensely helpful on my path to healing. But something that seems to be missing from quite a few of those books is-- laughter. Laughter truly uplifts the spirit. Laughter reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously.… Continue reading πŸ˜‚ We Need Laughter πŸ€£