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👐 God Calls Me to Trust Him 👐

God calls me to trust him and let go of worriesand when I do, I feel like a childon the cusp of the fall on that tall water rideI was thirteen and holding on tightlyheart beating right out of my chest!Up in a little boat at a water parkabout to fall over the edge God… Continue reading 👐 God Calls Me to Trust Him 👐

✍️ Creative Writing

🥀 New Life and Joy (Poem) 🙏

The Lord not onlysaved my soulHe also savedmy life.He scooped me upwith gentle handsand took awaymy strife. The ethics that Ilonged forwere in the Bibleall alongand followingHis principleshas brought meso much joy! I thank God today,profoundly,for all that Hehas done.For giving me new life and joywhen I was reborn. Yari 🌸 Thank you for reading… Continue reading 🥀 New Life and Joy (Poem) 🙏