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❤️ Sharing My Latest Book! 📚

Writing has always been my dream 🌸 And thanks to the Lord and everything He has provided for me, I am meeting my goals and writing full time! I want to share with you my latest novel. It's actually my first adult novel 🤗 (I usually write YA romance and short stories.) I prayed so… Continue reading ❤️ Sharing My Latest Book! 📚

🌤️ Kindness and Calm

☕ Looking Forward to September 2019 🍂

Hello, sister in Christ! ❤️ It has been a wonderful August for me, and I hope it has been for you too 🙂 🌼 The weather in Colorado has been hot, but it's beginning to cool outside. Friends are already posting blogs and pics full of pumpkin spice, and I am so looking forward to… Continue reading ☕ Looking Forward to September 2019 🍂