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Mid-Week Printable/Shareable Bible Verses

Good morning! ☕ Lately I've been considering how I can "give" this blog to God a little more. I like to share topics of self-care, happiness, joy. I like to share my thoughts and research on Bible verses. But what I truly want to do is point you to Him, our Lord and Savior :-)… Continue reading Mid-Week Printable/Shareable Bible Verses

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😖 My Top 3 Spiritual Struggles 😨

I know that none of us are perfect, and that gives me a sense of comfort. But, it still doesn't make me blind to the challenges in my life, especially my spiritual life. Today, I wanted to share with you my top 3 spiritual struggles ~ and the Bible verses I'll keep in mind when… Continue reading 😖 My Top 3 Spiritual Struggles 😨